Making a difference.

Right here at home.

Morehouse Healthcare Foundation

This Foundation was established in May 2017 to philanthropically support Morehouse General Hospital’s capital projects. The Foundation is an independent 501(c) (3), nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. All tax deductible donations are used exclusively for hospital capital projects chosen by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Foundation provides support beyond what the hospital receives through government reimbursements and patient revenues.

Invest in Your Community

Bastrop residents have a history of supporting quality healthcare by giving generously of their, talents, and financial resources. As a non-profit organization that receives local tax dollars to supplement patient revenues, Morehouse General Hospital is constantly seeking solutions to these challenges. Our citizens need to have peace of mind in knowing that quality and affordable healthcare is just around the corner.

Your participation in the Morehouse Healthcare Foundation enables the hospital to stay on the cutting edge of medical technology by upgrading the facility and purchasing state-of-the-art equipment. Your investment strengthens healthcare excellence now and for future generations. Help us make Bastrop a better place to work and a better place to work and live!

Annual Gifts Club

As a stepping stone provides a secure foundation on which to walk, Annual Gifts Club provides the same foundation for continued healthcare growth and services within our community. This is your invitation to join. To become a member, individuals give a donation of $100 or more annually. Within Annual Gifts Club there are different levels in which one can participate. No amount is too small!


PLATINUM………….. $1,000

Privileges of Membership

Privileges of giving to the Morehouse Healthcare Foundation offers special recognition to each donor.

  • Your name will be listed on a recognition display at Morehouse General Hospital.
  • You will be invited to and honored at the Morehouse Healthcare Foundation’s Annual Recognition Reception, as well as other Foundation and hospital events.
  • You will be recognized in the Foundation and Morehouse General Hospital publications.
  • You will see your gift be transformed into tangible healthcare benefits.
  • You will gain the satisfaction of supporting your community hospital, and helping ensure continued healthcare excellence for Morehouse Parish, surrounding areas, and supporting Morehouse General Hospital.