Standards of Behavior

Morehouse General Hospital employees are expected to display courteous behavior while on duty.  It is important that all employees treat others with respect and consideration to establish a positive environment for customer relations and for getting along with co-workers.

Employees who feel they are not being treated with respect or courtesy by other employees, any supervisor, and/or physicians are urged to file a complaint with the Human Resources department.  Any negative behavior that is counter-productive should also be reported to Human Resources for follow-up.  The Human Resources Director will conduct a private investigation and will ensure that corrective action occurs, if warranted.

The employee behaviors listed below are examples of behaviors that would constitute a violation of this policy and may result in discipline, up to and including termination.

  • Behaving in an insubordinate manner toward a supervisor or refusing a supervisor’s legitimate work order
  • Working in a manner that willfully obstructs or hinders other employees from completing their assigned duties
  • Failing to preserve the safety of both themselves and their fellow workers
  • Releasing confidential information about MGH, its employees, or its customers
  • Misusing, destroying, or damaging MGH property
  • Fighting, cursing, or otherwise mistreating others
  • Habitual complaining