Morehouse General Hospital adds HOPE Unit

Morehouse General Hospital has recently transformed a wing on the first floor into a state of the art geriatric psychiatric unit. The staff at MGH thoughtfully named the psychiatric unit the HOPE unit, which stands for Helping Older People Emotionally. That is the exact goal of this new addition to the hospital. The program put in place simply focuses on helping a patient out of the difficult time he or she is in.

The unit has ten beds with all private rooms. There are common areas and therapy rooms that the patients can utilize during their stay. The unit is staffed with great team members, and they love helping the patients work through their struggles.

The hospital discovered the need for a unit like this after participating in a community health assessment two years ago. This million dollar project took two years to complete. MGH put a lot of thought into making this unit safe for the patients and the staff members. There are shatter proof mirrors in each patient room, as well as lowering platform beds.

Last week, KTVE news came to the hospital, and did a segment on the HOPE, geriatric psychiatric unit. The hospital is here to serve the community, and it is doing just that. If you or anyone you know would like to be assessed to see if the HOPE unit is a good fit, contact the HOPE Unit Program Director, Shannon Grantham at 318.283.3900.

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