Morehouse General Hospital Radiology offers a wide array of services including CT, MRI, Digital Mammography, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Bone densitometry, and digital x-ray. Services are provided using modern equipment.


No appointment is needed for routine X-rays. Specialized outpatient services such as CT, MRI, U/S, and mammography should be scheduled Monday-Friday from 7am to 3pm. Many studies can be added on same day pending schedule availability and urgency of the exam. Almost all studies can be scheduled with 24-48 hours. Nuclear Medicine is scheduled Monday-Thursday.

Capabilities & Staffing

Radiology reports are provided through Radiology Consultants of West Monroe and are most typically ready within 1 to 2 hours of the completion of the procedure and are faxed directly to the ordering physician. Urgent or emergent cases will get results sooner.

A Radiologist is in-house on Wednesday mornings for fluoroscopic exams, and certain other interventional procedures such as fine needle aspirations and biopsies.

Morehouse General Hospital radiology department is staffed 24/7 for emergency X-rays and CTs and ultrasound after hours by callout.

The department offers Nuclear medicine Monday through Thursday utilizing a dual head camera with SPECT imaging. Appointments are needed to allow delivery time for the isotope and to accommodate pre-authorization.

Digital mammograms are offered Monday through Friday utilizing a full field digital mammography unit and Computer Aided Detection. Mammograms should be scheduled in advance.

We offer MRI utilizing a 1.5 Tesla MRI magnet Monday through Friday 7am-3pm. MRIs should be scheduled in advance as health providers require pre-authorization.

Outpatient CTs are scheduled Monday through Friday 7am-3pm and may require pre-authorization. CT is available 24/7 for emergencies.

Nuclear Imaging

What is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear Medicine is a medical specialty that involves the application of radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Nuclear imaging is often referred to as “radiology done inside out” because it records radiation emitting from within the body, rather than radiation that is generated by external sources like X-Rays, for example.

Nuclear Scans Include:

  • HIDA Scan
  • Gastric Emptying/Retention Scan
  • Thyroid Uptake & Scan
  • Parathyroid Scan
  • Lung Ventilation & Perfusion Scan
  • MUGA Scan
  • G.I. Bleed Scan
  • Meckles Scan
  • Liver/Spleen Scan
  • MAG 3 Renal Scan
  • Whole Body Bone Scan
  • 3 Phase Bone Scan
  • Cardiac Stress Test W/ Cardiolite Imaging
  • Sentinal Node/Lymphatic Injection
  • Octreoscan